Update: after 5 days, we found our friend! She is safe and has the proper care she needs. We're thankful for all the kindness and support of friends and strangers in helping with the search.

Background info

R walked out of her place in SOMA at around 2am on 4/5 without her phone or wallet. She never came back. We're worried she may be disoriented as she was having complications with depression medication. She's 5'11" and has short brown hair. A roommate saw her wearing a long brown skirt and green coat earlier that evening, but she may have changed outfits before leaving.

Demeanor and appearance

Based on her behavior before she left, she's likely a bit spacey and slowly wandering. She's probably not erratic or energetic.

Who is she?

A poet, an illustrator, a playful prankster, a staple member of multiple art communities, and a great friend to many. She's been in the Bay Area for almost a decade and may have intersected with you!She loves going on walks to beautiful places within the city. Especially hills and waterfronts. This time she's not on one of her usual walks. She is missing. It's been days.Going through mental health issues is scary and not something you'd want someone else to make public for you! So, we're trying to protect her personal and professional privacy, while still spreading the word about the situation to find her.We really miss her. We want to laugh with her, make art with her, and tell her how much she means to us.

How to help search

The most important thing right now is to search your neighborhood in San Francisco or East Bay! Our best guess is that she's somewhere outside in SOMA, The Mission, South Beach, North Beach near Coit Tower, on the waterfront in the Dogpatch, Land's End, and the Sutro Ruins. Though she may be anywhere. We do not think she left the Bay.Please wander around your neighborhood looking for someone who fits her description. Search for cozy places! Parks, nooks, busy streets, hills with views. Go where you yourself would go on a walk.

Spotting her

Being gentle and nonthreatening is very important! If you see someone who might be her, please be discreet and call this number. Then we will try to come to her ASAP. We're worried that if you approach her too suddenly, she might try to run away given her current mental state.

If you see her, call (415)942-1902

This rings a group of 6 friends: John, Naomi, Ashley, JD, Rebecca, and Danielle. We've sorted out the proper care she needs after we find her.

Tips on searching

Only search if you feel safe too!Bring water and snacks.Here's a thought exercise to help you know where to look.Where would you aimlessly wander if lost in thought? Where would you walk to if you were having a rough week? Where is a place you'd want to be alone to think about things?

Add a record

log where you've looked!

This helps us figure out what ground we've covered and where to deploy volunteers.

What else you can do?

  • Spread the word to Bay Area people

Hi! There's a missing person in SF and I'm working with her friends to try to help find her. If you're able to, want to help search for her too? Here's more info: https://findrobin.carrd.co

  • Tell bar bouncers and store owners to keep an eye out, if they have a good view of the sidewalk and share this website with them!

  • Put up flyers, though we think searching for our friend is more effective than searching for telephone poles

  • Share with Bay Area people who love going on long walks and know interesting nooks

Sharing this on social media

You can share this website publicly on social media right now! Here's an example post. We want to 1) direct people to the website, 2) not share too much personal info about our friend and 3) catalyze people to search outside.

For FacebookHi! An artist in San Francisco has gone missing and I'm working with her friends to try to help find her. She was last seen on 4/5 at 2am in SOMA. She's likely outdoors, but could be anywhere in SF or Oakland! Please spread the word and check to see if she's in your neighborhood. https://findrobin.carrd.coFor TwitterSF folks! There's a missing person I'm helping search for. She was last seen on 4/5 at 2am in SOMA, but could be anywhere in the Bay. More info here: https://findrobin.carrd.co. Please spread the word and check to see if she's in your neighborhood.

Get SMS updates

Get important updates via SMS text about the search.

Things we've done already

  • Filed a missing person report with Oakland / San Francisco

  • Communication with her family, friends, and larger community

  • Called hospitals to check for Jane Doe

  • Distributed over 300 flyers in the Mission / SOMA / Duboce / Dogpatch

  • Continuous searching

  • Figured out support for after we find her

She's been missing for:

Save these to your phone for reference. But out of respect for our friend's privacy, please don't share the photos online. Just share a link to this website.